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Quicksand Concentrator for Gold Prospecting Equipment

Quicksand Concentrator for Gold Recovery
Quicksand Concentrator for Gold Recovery
Item# qsand

Product Description

Quicksand Concentrator for Gold Recovery
Gold recovery from 8 mesh to almost invisible and beyond. Run buckets of material thru the Quicksand Concentrator and end up with HALF a pan of SUPER concentrates.

Hook to a 500gph bilge pump and 12v battery or a garden hose. Run on the bank or as a recirculator in a mortar tub. Use as a recirculator at your favorite spot and carry home, half a pan of concentrates.

Months of testing and independent people tests have proven the worth of the Quicksand Concentrator.

Crushed rock, bank dirt, dredge concentrates and all the old material that has been thru all means of recovery equipment. All yielded more gold when ran thru the Quicksand Concentrator.

Faster and cheaper than bowls and spirals.

Quicksand runs on a 500gph 12v pump and 3/4" hose, which can be purchased separately or use an existing one you already own.


Quicksand Video in action
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